Our Team


Tom Kiblin

Virtualization & Infrastructure

Tom's expansive technical expertise spans server virtualization cloud hosting, telecommunications, data communications and information systems. Tom has been a leader in the field of hosting and virtualization s well as founding and running companies like PowerVPS and Defender Technologies.


Scott Ashman

Systems & Software Development

Scott has been developing and integrating internet platforms and server software for over two decades. Scott specializes in platform customization and optimization, hosting migration and fail-over as well as programmatic optimization and integration. Scott has developed a variety of solutions that to this day are in wide use on the internet by large marketing and advertising companies.


Greg Fontaine

Operations & Consulting

Greg has been working with internet and online platforms for over twenty-five years. With experience that began with multi-line BBS’s and internet gateways through the rise of the online service and the World Wide Web, he has been a constant participant in the evolution of the internet as we know it. Greg has founded and run internet and online companies as well as teaching and presenting on internet topics for over a decade.


David Pape

Systems Architecture & Security 

Dave is a expert in systems architecture and security. Dave has architected  scalable,  secure infrastructures on a wide-range of system and platforms. Dave specialties are in platform architecture, compliance, auditing and performance tuning.

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